Voting in the 2020 Election



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Voting in the 2020 Election


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*** 9/15/2020 UPDATE ***

Your absentee ballot can be deposited at a drop box at satellite locations during dates and times the satellite locations are open, or on Election Day, 11/3/2020, voters can return their ballot to their voting precinct from 6:00 am – 7:00 pm.  (


Nearest Satellite Location:           Mount Vernon Governmental Center

                                                                  2511 Parkers Lane, Alexandria 22306


This location will be open starting October 14th on weekdays from 1 to 7 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sundays.


You must request an absentee ballot by following the steps outlined below.  Requests must be made by October 23rd.




You can still vote early in person without reason and without requesting a mail-in ballot!


"No Excuse" Early Voting begins October 14th (Date change!!).


*** End of 9/15/2020 UPDATE ***




You can vote at a designated voter satellite location without a reason or an application to do so.

You will need an acceptable form of ID or sign a ID Confirmation Sheet.  Acceptable IDs include: 

  • Voter ID card
  • Virginia Driver’s License or ID card
  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • Any ID card issued by the U.S. Virginia or Virginia government
  • Utility bill or bank statement with your name and addres



Step-by-step instructions for requesting an absentee ballot are presented below and on the pages that follow.


** Start here for instructions to request an absentee ballot!


In order to request to vote by mail or absentee in Virginia you must:

  • Apply by paper through the USPS mail using this form:

( ) A copy is included at the end of this document.



The deadline for requesting your mail-in ballot is October 23rd at 5:00 pm


IMPORTANT:  If you no longer have a driver’s license, you must:

  • Call the registrar of Fairfax County (703-222-0776) and request an application by mail


  • Print the form referenced above and after filling it out, mail to the following address:

Fairfax County Office of Elections

Gary Scott, Registrar

PO Box 10161
Fairfax, VA 22038-8061



*** NOTE: If your driver’s license is EXPIRED, you CAN use the on-line application. ***





Start here:


Click on “Apply to Vote Absentee by Mail”



Instructions continue on the next page.


On the next screen, provide your personal information.  Enter your Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth (you must include slash marks between the month, day and year).  Chose your locality from the drop down list. You can either scroll down or use shortcut  -- press the F key twice to take you directly to “Fairfax County”.  Make sure you mark the check box to affirm that you are the person requesting the absentee ballot or that you are an authorized person to do so for another.  When complete, press Submit.



The next screen will display your voter information.  If you are curious about your polling place or your district, scroll down to review.  When ready, chose “I want to apply to vote by mail.” and press continue.



On this screen you must prove your identity by asking for your driver’s license number, DOB (which should automatically be filled) and SSN.  Do not include the dashes in your SSN.  You must check the two boxes before hitting the NEXT button. One button authorizes using your signature on file with the DMV as your signature on this electronic form.  The other confirms that you have read the Privacy Act Notice which you can access by clicking on the question mark icon. Click Next to continue.

Remember:  IF your driver’s license has expired, you can still continue to fill out the application.

IF you don’t have a driver’s license, you must send in a paper application.  (See top of this document for an online printable copy or proceed to the end of this document for a copy.)



This screen is straight forward.  Chose the appropriate option, which in most cases should be the first one that states “I am residing in the U.S. and I am a legal Virginia resident.”



This screen asks if you are a member/spouse/dependent of the Uniformed Services or Merchant Marines on ACTIVE duty.  Select the appropriate selection and click Next to continue.



This screen is asking for which election(s) are you applying. Since these instructions are specifically for the upcoming election in November, the simplest option is the first one.  Once your selection is made, click Next to continue.

(NOTE: If you chose the second option, the next screen asks a question regarding the primary election. It appears this form has not been updated which is why it’s a simpler choice to pick the first option listed.)



On this screen, you can only choose one election.  Be sure to select “2020 November General” and click Next to continue.



If you need your ballot sent to an address other than your current address, check the box. Otherwise leave BLANK and hit Next to continue.



This screen asks for your contact information. You do NOT have to enter anything unless you choose to do so.  But if you will need assistance filling out your ballot, you must check the box under “Additional Information.”



This last screen lets you review your information if you click on the appropriate heading. It’s here you can make any changes to your application. If all looks good, check the box under “Virginia Vote by Mail Application Affirmation” to swear your information is correct.  You can now hit “Submit” to finish your application!




YOU ARE DONE! A paper ballot will be mailed to you beginning Sept 18th.


Click Here to see a paper copy of the application form.

(Do NOT mail in if you completed on-line.)




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