Members: When requesting a service, please consider your health and the health of volunteers. If you have a respiratory illness, please stay home and wait until you are well before requesting an in home service. If you are in need of medical assistance contact your primary care provider. If you are ill and need a home delivery, please call and we will see how to arrange to accommodate you. Keep hand sanitizer available at your door and ask people to use it. Take your temperature to find out if you have a fever.
Volunteers: When filling a service, please consider your health and the health of the MVAH member. Wash your hands often with soap for 20 seconds, carry hand sanitizer with you and use it appropriately, greet people with a warm smile not a touch. If you have a respiratory illness, please stay home. Please call your person to find out if everyone is well in the household before you depart for your service session.
We are so grateful for your work and our first commitment is to keep you and the community safe.
Mount Vernon At Home practices:
  • Disinfect common areas at our events frequently

  • If someone appears feverish, ask them to leave an event


Recommended Practices:

  • Wash hands frequently (20 seconds)

  • Avoid touching face

  • Don’t share food or drinks

  • If feeling feverish, with a cough or difficulty breathing, do not call 911. Call the clinic for further symptom assessment and guidance on how to get tested if needed.

  • If you are feeling sick, stay home.

Other facts about the virus:

  • WHO states this virus does not transmit as easily as the flu, meaning it is less likely to transmit before someone has symptoms.

  • The death rate is higher than the flu, primarily impacting the elderly or those with compromised health or respiratory conditions. For most people, it feels like a bad cold.


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