Mount Vernon At Home
is part of the national "village" movement, which embraces a volunteer-driven approach in providing services to help our senior neighbors age in place safely, comfortably, and confidently in their own homes in the community they love. With a Mount Vernon At Home membership, members are able to enjoy enhanced peace of mind and independence with the services provided by our enthusiastic volunteers while enjoying Mount Vernon At Home social, educational and cultural programs with new and longtime friends.

With one call, our staff and volunteers are here to help you with your home and transportation needs. Do you find you are....

  • Tired of asking your neighbors to drive you to the grocery store and medical appointments?
  • Needing help with minor household repairs?
  • Having trouble reaching that ceiling light bulb that needs replacing?
  • Frustrated with your computer, TV, DVD or answering machine problems?
  • Needing a helping hand with organizing a closet or decluttering?

We will match your request with a willing volunteer to accomplish what you need to get done.

Mount Vernon At Home members look forward to our many social activities. Our committees organize social, educational and cultural programs; exercise classes; unique excursions; and shopping trips that allow our members to remain engaged in the vibrant community life of the Mount Vernon area. We also provide transportation getting members to events as they connect with their neighbors in these stimulating activities.

With a Mount Vernon At Home membership, you and your family will get increased satisfaction, knowing that we are here to look out for you and offer support, services, and practical solutions as your needs change. Membership in Mount Vernon At Home is making today easier and planning for the future a reality. We give you the heightened confidence to enable successful aging in place. Let us be the insurance policy you've been looking for.




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"Mount Vernon At Home,
Aging in Place...A Community Vision" 

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                   Member Testimonials

"Mount Vernon At Home takes the place of my son and daughter who live too far away to help me. Because of Mount Vernon At Home's resources, I'm still in my house and feel very secure."   ~ Member Peg

"Since my son enrolled me in Mount Vernon At Home, I have attended lunches and dinners out, met many interesting people, and joined a fitness class. I think Mount Vernon At Home has started me back on the path to living."                 ~ Member Mimi